Ambient dialogue, BARKS, for the non-playable characters I created for the first person shooter game where the player joins the elite unit of Navy SEALs completing dangerous high-stakes missions.

Master Chief James “Coop” Cooper

Green Team Training Instructor. Former Charlie Team leader but having aged out of active service has stepped down to help train the next generation of Tier One operators. 

Waiting for player to join Green Team briefing:

  • “Buckley! You’re holding us all up. Get your ass in gear and get over here for the briefing”
  • “Get a move on Buckley!”
  • “By all mean Buckley move at a glacial pace”
  • “Buckley, my grandmother moves faster than you do.”
  • “We’re not getting any younger here Buckley.”
  • “Any day now Buckley.”

Master Chief Connor Barnes – Charlie 1

Barnes is highly respected by his fellow officers, particularly in Charlie Team, due to his loyalty, quick thinking, and abilities in the field through many of the other teams find his methods somewhat unorthodox and his manner quite gruff. Barnes is extremely head-strong and stands up for what he believes in.


  • “Master Chief Connor Barnes”
  • “Connor Barnes. You’re with me.”
  • “Master Chief Barnes. I suggest you follow me before you get yourself killed.”
  • “Master Chief Barnes, Charlie 1. We should get moving “
  • “Master Chief Connor Barnes; and who are you?”

Enemy Killed:

  • “Hostiles down, room secure.”
  • “This is Charlie 1. Target down, area secure.”
  • “Tango down.”
  • “All call signs, the bomb is clear. Hostiles neutralised.”
  • “Clear.”
  • “You’re welcome”

Dialogue during Combat:

  • “On me”
  • “Watch your fire!”
  • “Sniper! Take it out”
  • “Watch yourself!”
  • “Concentrate fire on the RPG!”
  • “Take it slow. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”
  • “Grenade! Get down!”
  • “ID your targets.  I don’t want any stray bullets.”

In Stealth:

  • “You take left, I’ll take right.”
  • “Charlie 1 to all call signs, on the move.”
  • “Keep you’re head on a swivel.”
  • “Stay alert, stay alive.”
  • “We don’t want to spook the target. Switch to suppressors.”
  • “Charlie 2 you are clear to take the shot.”
  • “Enemies heading our way. Take them out quietly.”
  • “Weapons Hot.”
  • “Prepare to breach in 3. 2. 1.”

Senior Chief Klaus “Shoe” Davis – Charlie 2

Nicknamed “Shoe”, short for Gumshoe as he was initially meant to be drafted into Black Squadron, the advanced surveillance and sniper unit of DEVGRU; but Barnes wanted him for his team due to his expert sniper abilities. 


  • “Senior Chief Klaus Davis.”
  • “Senior Chief Davis, but everyone calls me Shoe.”
  • “Davis. Charlie 2.”
  • “Senior Chief Davis. Nice work.”
  • “Charlie 2, reporting for duty.”

Enemy Killed:

  • “Good kill.”
  • “Your welcome.”
  • “Target down.”
  • “Tango down. Your clear.”
  • “Nice, clean kill.”
  • “Got him, he’s down.”
  • “Clean hit.”

Dialogue during Combat:

  • “Charlie 1 this is Charlie 2 about to engage target”
  • “Reloading.”
  • “Charlie 2 advancing”
  • “Looking for an opening!”
  • “Contact!”
  • “Take cover!”
  • “Behind you!”
  • “Engaging!”

In Stealth:

  • “Rog. On the move!”
  • “Heads up, target in sight!”
  • “I’m eyes on.”
  • “Visual on target. Closing in.”
  • “Check your six.”
  • “Got your six.  You are good to engage”
  • “Moving to position.  Good to go”
  • “Hostile on the right/left/straight ahead.”
  • “Say the word Boss.”

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