Third-person action-adventure traversal game. Featuring environments that are intriguing and allows the player to poke around and explore; drawing the player forward through the world and progressing the narrative. The player is able to take the time to have conversations with the other characters and inhabitants of the world. The game features a balance of action-packed, exciting, and over the top adventure alongside smaller, more intermate moments between the characters.


Join Luke Hayes a travel writer who also moonlights as a treasure hunter searching for the lost Jacobite Gold, gifted to the Pretender Prince Charles by the Spanish and hidden within the glens of Scotland. Getting access to these Highland estates is not easy so in order to explore without suspicion, Luke has joined a travel trip around the Scottish estates aboard the Orient Express’s Scottish Highlander where he meets fellow traveller Clara Barnes. Though Hayes fails to find the hidden Jacobite gold he does come across the diary of a Spanish Conquistador who writes that he believes he has discovered the lost ancient Aztec homeland of Aztlan. To prevent Aztlan and its wealth and knowledge from falling into the hands of the British, who Spain was at war with, its location was hidden through a series of clues hidden across the globe. What starts out as a search for lost treasure in the highlands of Scotland leads the pair on an adventure across the world in search of the Lost City of Aztlan.


  • Cinematic Blockbuster Adventure: A cinematic, single-player experience available on the PS4, Xbox, and PC systems with real-time cut scenes. The single-player experience features a detailed and engaging, wide linear narrative.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Dynamic cameras to help the player feel fully immersed in the action. The player is able to choose how they approach the level with the option to go full stealth, all guns blazing or a mixture of the two available to the player, with the player being able to seamlessly switch between Stealth, shooting, and hand to hand combat. The player has multiple options with how to engage with the environment around them, including climbing, rope and grappling mechanics, and customisable and improvised weapons to suit the player’s desired gameplay.
  • Expansive Environments: Varied and richly detailed environments for the player to explore. With a mixture of wide-open spaces and closed quarters, the player will have multiple paths forward to encourage exploration, with environmental puzzles and obstacles to overcome. The player and enemies will be able to utilize the environment to their advantage; with the player able to use the environment to set traps, lure and distract enemies and use the environment to hide in.
  • Drivable Vehicles: The player is able to drive vehicles during gameplay to make big moments even more dramatic and interactive. Use them to cover large open areas quickly and to solve puzzles.

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